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New York City Recumbent Supply specializes in:

⊗ Recumbent bicycles built for commuting, touring, day rides, ambling down the bike path, racing, and generally improving your quality of life.
⊕ Small recumbent bikes, trikes, and tandems that fit into urban homes, elevators, trains, and small cars, including folding and “short wheelbase” recumbents.
⊗ Expedition-quality recumbent bikes and accessories for long-distance touring. These include quality panniers, lights, racks, tires, and other touring essentials.
⊕ Helping urban ‘bent riders, wherever they might be.
⊗ Giving a darn. In this case, about good bikes, decent folks, and a healthy planet.


At New York City Recumbent Supply, we focus on recumbent bicycles and tricycles that we believe are the best in their category based on performance, manufacturer professionalism and our personal experience with the product.

We’re one of only 15 “premium dealers” in the USA for HP Velotechnik expedition-quality recumbent bikes and trikes. We keep their most popular models of bikes and trikes in stock.

We’re also a specialist dealer of Cruzbike road and race bikes. We’re highly skilled at teaching you how to ride these unique and exceptionally fast machines and can set you up with the one that is right for you. We keep their full line of bikes in stock.

Many other high-quality recumbent bicycle brands are available by special order.