Recumbent bikes? Recumbent Trikes? Your adventure starts today!

Recumbent bike riders over the Croton reservoir in New York. Both are riding Cruzbike Silvio recumbent bikes.
Peter (left) and I (Robert, right) crossed paths while out for 100-mile rides along the Putnam rail trail. I was heading north on a Five Boro Bike Club ride; he was heading south. We met on the bridge over the Croton Reservoir, both of us riding Cruzbike Silvios. How funny is that?!

New York City Recumbent Supply specializes in:

⊗ Well-engineered recumbent bikes and trikes…

…built for commuting, touring, day rides, ambling down the bike path, racing, and generally improving your quality of life.

⊕ Small recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes, and tandems…

…including folding and “short wheelbase” recumbent bikes that fit into urban homes, apartments, elevators, trains, and small cars.

⊗ Expedition-quality recumbent bikes, trikes, and…

…accessories for long-distance touring. These include quality panniers, lights, racks, tires, and other touring essentials.

⊕ Helping urban recumbent riders…

wherever they might be.

⊗ Giving a darn….

In this case, about great recumbent bikes and trikes, decent folks, and a healthy planet.


New York City Recumbent Supply owner Robert Matson on a tour in the Berkshires on a Grasshopper fx, one of HP Velotechnik's recumbent bikes.

New York City Recumbent Supply owner Rob Matson on a tour in the Berkshires on an HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx recumbent bike.

At New York City Recumbent Supply…

We focus on high-quality recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes. We handle models that meet our standards of excellence and prove themselves to be the best in their categories. This is based on quality of design and production, manufacturer professionalism, and how the equipment has performed for us and other high-mileage users while using and abusing the bikes and trikes under rigorous “real world” conditions.


Our sales philosophy, first and foremost, is that we sell recumbent bikes, trikes, and accessories from the perspective of riders. If we personally wouldn’t use it, ride it or buy it, we aren’t going to suggest that you buy it either.

Secondly, we work from a perspective as cycling advocates. We rode in the city when New York bike commuting was still considered an extreme sport. And we engaged in grass roots advocacy when the New York City Department of Transportation seemed to wish that cyclists would all just die. Wow, things have changed. But we still won’t rest till everyone who can do so is safely and happily riding a bike or trike to work, to the store, or to the beach or woods.

Thirdly, we seek to grow our business by creating a generation of dedicated and satisfied recumbent bike and trike riders by selling only the best products we can, at the fairest prices possible.

We’re one of only 15 “premium dealers” in the USA for HP Velotechnik. This German manufacturer is internationally respected for their expedition-quality recumbent bikes and trikes. We keep their most popular models in stock.

We’re also a top dealer of Cruzbike road and race recumbent bikes. We keep their full line of bikes in stock. We’ve taught hundreds of people how to ride these unique and exceptionally fast recumbent bikes. Don’t get us started about Cruzbikes. We love them.

We offer several other high-quality brands of recumbent bikes and trikes which are available by special order. These include Hase, Nazca, IceGreenspeed and Azub.